Louis Pappas Famous Greek Recipes (Tarpon Springs)

The Pappas Greek Restaurant at Sponge Dock in Tarpon Springs is closed now but I remember the many delicious meals I've eaten t over the years. This 30 page booklet contains 49 authentic Pappas recipes, including:

Louis Pappas Famous Greek Salad Lemon and Egg Soup Moussaka Meatballs with Egg-Lemon Sauce Chicken Oregano Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)

In the words of the Pappas family: ...in this cookbook we bring you recipes for soups as robust as lentil, as delicate as egg-lemon; main dishes of lamb, beef, chicken and seafood; a wonderful variety of salads; vegetables prepared as deliciously as any entrée; and extraordinary pastries rich with butter and nuts. Nor did we overlook the strong, sweet coffee which shares the distinctive quality of all Greek cooking.

The booklet also contains a section titled: All about Louis Pappas and a brief history of the Pappas family.

I picked the booklet up at the restaurant about 20 years ago.T is a slight discoloration on the front cover to the right of GREEK RECIPES. I will email additional pictures upon request.