Louise Brooks Photo Rare, Original / Gene Robert Richee

I am offering a RARE Gene Robert Richee photo of Louise Brooks along with a RARE Louise brooks Cinestar slide. The photo was used in a newspaper fashion section in the late 20's I would assume since the snippet attached to the back of the photo is speaking to the fact that she is not only a fashion statement but she could also be considered a form of architecture. The slide I believe is from the early 30's since she looks a bit older. This is truly a rare and beautiful photo and a lovely slide which can be made into photo copies for one's collection. On the back of the photo is stamped = Please Credit Photo by Gene Robert Richee along with the glued snipet of text which was run in the newspaper along with the photo (see photo of the photo back). Photo and slide are in mint condition and would be the highlight of any Louise Brooks photo collection. This is from my personal collection and is intended for that purpose (collecting) not to be reproduced in any other way. But as far as the slide is concerned, that I believe can be made into photo copies to add to your collection but not for resale. So I am asking for the true serious collector who know the true value of a set such as this and want to add a masterpiece photo by a master photographer Gene Robert Richee and a lovely slide of a Iconic Flapper Louise Brooks whom it seems

Although my photos provided in my listing are not that fantastic, I need to buy a better camera, the photo and slide are in mint condition and whom ever is the lucky winner I can assure will be more than pleased. I am only reluctantly selling them because I need the money otherwise I would not part with them.

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