Louisville SL206T Dynasty Senior League Bat -5 31/26

Louisville Slugger SL206T Dynasty Senior League Baseball Bat -5

Size: 31"/26 oz

This item is NEW and in it's original wrapping


The Louisville Dynasty is a top quality aluminum bat that is extremely durable. This is because of the ST+20 Aluminum Alloy that was specifically designed by Louisville and Alcoa.

This alloy is arguably the toughest on the market today and is used with any Aluminum bat that Louisville creates. It combines strength and toughness without taking away from its' high end performance.

The -5 (or drop 5) length to weight ratio is great for player's who are soon to be in high school, w you are required to swing a -3. It is a much easier jump from a -5 to a -3, rather than a -9 to a -3 for any player.

The cushioned bat grip helps decrease shock and vibration in the handle for a more comfortable feel in the batter's hands.

All Bats purchased from us come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


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