Louisville Slugger G174 MLB Custom M9 Maple 33.5 inch


Louisville Slugger M9 Maple G174 MLB Custom Maple

Size: 33.5in 31.5oz Color: Black

Special Custom Model Made For Professionals!!!


Can NOT find in stores!!!!!!!

Louisville Slugger is the standard in wooden bats. This is their 125th year in business and they are still number 1 in the wooden bat business. This speaks of the quality put into every single bat they make! Top of the line quality!

The same quality as used in the Major Leagues!

Product Information:
Condition: Brand new

Model: G174
Product Information: Louisville Slugger Maple Bat
Bat type: G174 MLB Custom Maple
Bat Length: 33.5 inch
Bat Weight: 31.5ounces

Color: Black

Cupped: Yes

Very Similar to a C243( just a little thinner handle)

Retail Price= This Model is NOT available to the Public, But well over $100

This particular item meets the new requirements installed by MLB on all maple bats made in 2009. They are designed to break less often and less violently than maple bats from 08 and before. This was done in hopes that the flying barrells when the bat broke would be less dangerous to opposing players and coaches.

Official bat of Major League Baseball!! Louisville is the most popular bat maker there is. This bat is
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