Louisville Slugger PLC271 32 inch Pro Stock Lite C271 Ash Wood Baseball Bat

This listing is for one brand new, Louisville Slugger PLC271 Pro Stock Lite ash wood baseball bat. Medium barrel, thin tapered handle, cupped end. 32 inches, approx. 27-29 ounces (wood bats very in weight from bat to bat as they are taken from the factory boxes so we can not provide exact weights for wood bats). The C271 is the most popular Louisville turning model due to its comfortable handle and superb balance. Features a natural clear finish. Check out our current and future listings for all the best bats including Mizuno Louisville Slugger, Easton, Marucci, Sam Bat, Worth, etc..

** Wood Bat Policy- Wood bats do not carry any implied warranties or guaranties against breakage. Just as you see on television in major league games even brand new wood bats can break easily if hit on the handle or near the end. It is up to the hitter to not hit the ball on those parts of the bat in order to prevent breakage and to hit the ball hard. If you are buying a wood bat for practice and want the feel and feedback of a wood bat but are concerned about breakage there are many composite wood bats on the market. Composite wood bats are made of various types of wood that are bonded to other wood types or to composite materials to strengthen the bat. Those bats will carry warranties against breakage.

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