Love Trick - No Rest For The Boys (Japan) / XRCN-1107

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1. US BUYER : Shipping cost is not 3usd!!! / Look my shipping cost description!!! (We are gonna return your payment if send wrong shipping cost and Block your account / and We never respond about shipping cost)

2. EMS ONLY PLACE : (Bolivia / China / Israel / South Africa) and Exception Place only use Register / EMS : Italy , Peru , Greece

3. We are selling All used cd (Over10~20Years or more Old cd) DO NOT bid If you will get LIKE A NEW cd (100% condition) We don't have 100% condition cd.

4. We never send un-match Paypal shipping address. We are gonna block your account if you will ask send to different address. And We never respond about this question. (No Exception)

5. We'd never sell Fake cd and Promo,Sample cd,punched thrill hole booklet.

6. We have 2 Parts shipping methods (Register Airmail / EMS Airmail) / N ever send with Normal Airmail

7. Zero feedback buyer contact to us through ebay message before bidding will not cancel your bidding and block your account.

8. Payment must be done in 7days (except my old buyer)

Payment Rule

Payment Method : Paypal (only)

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Love Trick - No Rest For The Boys (Japan) / XRCN-1107 / 1st Press Version Release Date / Catalog
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