LOVELY 1930s Nancy Page GARDEN BOUQUET BLUE birds quilt

Delightful Strong Circa 1930s Navy Nancy Page's Garden Bouquet with Bluebirds

1 . This big, soft, medium- to thickly-batted quilt is a stout, blue-toned take on the often airy, delicate pattern. What looks like a sturdy, more masculine version from any distance, actually reveals itself up close to be hiding all its sweetest and most careful little flourishes for the viewer who really takes the time to peruse the lovingly fashioned flowers.

One of the most deservedly classic commercial patterns of the early 20th century Colonial Revival is the deceptively dully titled Garden Bouquet, a pattern designed by Frances LaGanke and released under the pseudonymous and seriously chatty Nancy Page label. Page's pattern features no actual gardens or bouquets, but depicts a deliciously varied and colorful series of 20 distinct stops made by a pair of adorable and botanically blessed little birds.

Far more memorable than the official title of the pattern, are the names of that became attached to the birds themselves, which actually seem to reflect their merry, if cheeky, dispositions as they pause obligingly at each of their floral destinations, always one perched perkily on either side of the featured flower; the birds became known as Sassy & Saucy. Oddly, in the original pattern, the bird peering up is referred to as "the
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