Vintage German Silver Singing Bird Box

Perhaps by Greisbaun but not 100% sure. Box is marked on the underside with "935 - what looks like a crown - the letter n".

Top section is decorated with flying birds at each corner and the top opening section has a bird on a branch with a cherrub playing a flute. Both side panels are decorated with musical instruments. Front and back panels have two cherrubs, one playing a flute and the other a violin with decoration around them. Base also has two birds singing infront of a bowl holding a flute and violin.

The box is in good working order and comes with the original bird shape key. The switch at the front of the box which activates the bird is in the form of a bird in flight.

Bird is in very nice original condition and has moving wings and beck, spins around and has very nice colours to it. Green, red blue and brown. The inside of the lid has gilding as well as the area where the bird lies when it closes.

The box winds very well and when turn on continues to sing and dance and then closes by itself. Sometimes this may not happen and the switch needs to be pushed back to the off position and then it closes. The bird has a lovely sound when in song. The motor could possibly need oiling as it does have a noticable clunk sound when
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