Lovely Older English Leaded Stained Glass Window

487W. This auction is for a pretty " Art Deco " style of a Multi-Color Leaded Stained Glass Window from England. We only sell vintage or older stained glass windows. All of our windows are older window from England and Europe. A majority are from England that came from the older homes & flats being remodeled or being torn down for new construction. We do not sell Reproduction Windows from Indonesia or China.

Please Read This Carefully: We only sell OLD Windows. Glass making was not perfected until around 1930. Before then a lot of glass, especially glass made in to sheets had bubbles, waves, imperfections such as ridges or lines of separation when the glass was made. It's not unusual at all to find these in our windows, in most cases it's desirable because it validates the age of the windows. If you get a window that to you looks like a "crack" is in it, simply run your finger across the line on both sides to "feel" the glass, if one side is smooth and the other side has a ridge or bump, it's simply an imperfection in the way the glass was made. CRACKS Can Be Felt On BOTH Sides of the Glass, you can't crack one side on a piece of glass without cracking both sides. When there is a CRACK in the Glass, We will State it in the auction text.

This window does not have any cracks in any of the glass.

This window
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