Lovely Porcelain Eggcup from RMS OCEANA P & O Liner shipwreck

This is a beautiful condition Eggcup which has no chips ! There is a slight hairline which you can just see in the second photo . It was recovered from the famous P&O Liner OCEANA which sunk off Beachy Head , England in 1912. It comes complete with a certificate of authenticity .

RMS OCEANA sunk 1912

6610-ton P&O liner, built 1888. 468ft x 52ft. 7000hp triple expansion engines. CARGO: General, plus 747,110 worth of gold and silver ingots. 40 passengers, 210 crew, London to Bombay. POSITION: 50 42.32N; 00 25.75E. DEPTH: 22m.SUNK: 16 March, 1912, in collision with Pisagua, 2850-ton German four-masted steel barque. Nine from Oceana drowned when lifeboat capsized. All except a few ingots recovered in immediate diving salvage.

(Depth 22m bottom 18m top - 15 N/miles East from Newhaven)
This is the wreck of a P&O Liner of 6,610 tons. She sunk after a collision with the Pisagua. When she went down she had a cargo that included £750,000 worth of Gold and Silver (3 million in today's money) They say that there is still £3,000 (£12,000 today's rate). It is also reported that an ingot was found as recently as 1996, so make sure you have got your goodie bag, you never know your luck. She is 351m long with a 39m beam and sit 4m off the seabed.

Details: Steamship, P&O Liner, 142.8m by 15.8
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