lovely,silver plated 3 piece dressing table set,(the jewellers collection)

i must say,mum-in-law has lovely taste. this is from her items. a beautiful,silver plated 3 piece dressing table set. it does say on the box---the jewellers collection,also TARNISH RESISTANT. and --made in china..

has its box,but it is a bit old and tatty,dont know how old it would be. the items are quite,solid and heavy. the mirror is 10" long,the round mirror measures approx 5" across. i would say it is a true mirror,things are reflected with the exact colour etc.. the hairbrush is 8" long and approx 2.75" wide. a couple of the bristles are bent outwards,but i do not think it has ever been used. the comb is whitish plastic teeth,and measures 7.25" long and 1.75" wide., this too looks as if never been used. the box says tarnish resistant,and when cleaned properly will shine lovely.,shines now,but couple of nooks and crannies need a clean,on the backs. on the backs of the brush and mirror,you have a lovely little cherub,with flower and swirly design decorating them..

condition wise,i dont believe ever been used,the backs of the mirror and brush,if get them in the right light,seem to have tiny specks around the central pattern,i think may be intentional as is just around the edges.

has to go.lovely item.