Lovely Sitzendorf Antique Figurines 1887-1900

Voigt Bros/Alfred Voigt, otherwise known as the Sitzendorf Porcelain Manufactory Company of Sitzendorf, Thuringia, East Germany, produced such beautiful works of art in porcelain. Up for one's consideration are two miniture figurines of a man and woman. The man is wearing a dark hat, and his coat is a reddish color or off colored brown. His hair matches the color of the coat. His face seems to have an expression of no stress. He is donning a bow around the neck that is a little bit lighter than the color of the hat. He is holding the fruit of his labor in his right hand. The left hand is cluthing a basket of some unkown fruit. His trousers are of a green color that extend to the knees. The entire circumference of the base has a gold highlight. The Sitzendorf mark is located on the back of the figurine. The woman is somewhat at peace within herself as she holds in her left hand a grape colored fruit. The basket at her feet seems to be holding the same type fruit as her man's. She has a reddish colored vest like apparel on her shoulders, and the clothing around the waist is a sky blue color. The dress is a dark burgundy with gold trim. Her head is donned in a pink like hat. The base is lined with gold, and on the back, one will see the Sitzendorf mark.

T are no damage, cracks, and chips in these fine pieces. They are approximately
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