Lovely Tri-color Magaliesberg AMETRINE QUARTZ Cluster

Lovely Tri-color Sparkling Druzy Magaliesberg AMETRINE QUARTZ Cluster, Spiritual Harmony Crystal from South Africa

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Measures 2.41" by 2.00" by 1.44"

Weighs 111.0 grams

Worldwide Shipping Cost USD 7.88

This is a special offer of a lovely colored purple Magaliesberg all natural Ametrine Quartz cluster with naturally lustrous points in perfect condition. This spirit has excellent main terminations. She is one of the lovely purple and golden brown colored Ametrine in our limited lot, truly eye catching and a stand out. She has light cascading castles on the side and very interesting patches or etchings on the face. She has several baby crystals at the base.

The formation of this crystal with one prominent crystal point and the other at a lower point is a perfect reminder of brotherhood and humility. =)

This special Ametrine crystal has three colors of combined purple, golden amber and wispy white to make the beauty that you now see in the pictures.

The faces are etched and the body is beautifully tinged with a consistent purple and light golden yellow color all in a naturally glossy full cover. A superb offer that is hard to miss.

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