Lovely Victorian 10K Angelskin Coral Cameo Pin

Lovely 10K yellow and green gold Victorian cameo pin. Genuine angelskin coral is hand carved in a delicate shade of pale pink. Filigree mounting is yellow gold with Greek Key motif and green gold leaf accents. Fold over safety clasp pin is marked "10K". Mounting measures 1-3/16" x 1-1/4", coral measures 1" x 3/4". In excellent condition with very light age appropriate wear, circa 1880-90. $5.95 US ship/insure.
About Angelskin:
Angelskin coral is a pale pink coral, from deep sea coral. Angelskin coral is one of the most valued colors of coral (red is also highly prized). Coral is an animal that grows in colonies in the ocean. Coral polyps secrete a strong calcium structure that is used in jewelry making. Coral ranges in color from pale pink (called angelskin coral) to orange to red to white.