Lovepedal Super 6

Lovepedal Super 6 in as-new condition, hardly used. This superb overdrive pedal is designed to sound like a blackface Fender Super Reverb on '6', which is how they are reputed to sound best. It sounds especially great with a Strat.

Some manufacturer's blurb from the internet:

Reminiscent of the mid 60's Blackface Fender era...

Specifically a Blackface Super on 6.

It was some time in 1979 when one of the "big guys" showed me how to dial in that Fender or Music Man amp that always seemed to be on stage where ever you played: "Easy" he said. "It's the magic six". Volume to 6, Treble to 6, Middle to 3 and Bass to 2 (6, 6, and 3x2=6). Bright should be on, reverb set for two and master volume (if one) set so that you can be heard above the drums without drenching the vocals. "The rest of the knobs you can just ignore" because no one used tremolo in late 70's and the footswitch was always disappeared… The effect was almost like having the key to Holy Grail - I have to admit that he was right and I joined the Magical Six Choir.

Bjorn Juhl a.k.a. The mad Professor

Small footprint - 4"x2" Epoxy powdercoat (These are hand-finished and there are small finish flaws on each one - i.e., small paint runs, small chips, some inconsistency in the lettering.) Adapter jack. (Power supply not included)
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