LOW D WHISTLE~Domnahl na Gruen~"NEW"~Aluminium~

Domnahl na Gruen
Whistles and flutes
Here is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a superb "Domnahl na Gruen" Low D whistle for Sixty five pounds.
The whistle is carefully made by Domnahl from high quality Aluminium and features an acrylic fipple with secreted image within, the L4 and R4 tone holes are mildly off set which means the tone holes are closer to where your fingers would like them to be.
This whistle is also available as "straight line", please get in touch to discuss the best option for you.
The sound is rich, warm and sonorous in the lower octave and sweet and true in the higher octave.
Whatever you choose, there is a genuine full refund or replace if you are not delighted with the whistle,
Every Domnahl na Gruen whistle is engraved with the makers mark and the year of creation,
To listen to a sound clip or to gather more history and information please visit Domnahl na Gruen Whistlecraft
Positive feedback is important to Domnahl, If you are not totally delighted, please get in touch and any problem will be politely and efficiently resolved.
here is a wonderful opportunity to bring beautiful music into your life, it is limited to one whistle only!
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
All instruments are sent by first class delivery, if
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