Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit, TO-83 Case, Analog/Digital Video DV-9023Z

Everything works great. the kit is missing light stands. These can be picked up for $25 each.
comes with everything pictured. all items tested and working.
1) hard side carrying case
Lowel LC-44EX Rifa-Lite EX44 Softbox Light (120-230VAC/12VDC) 300 watt Lowel Tota-Light Tungsten Flood Light (120-240VAC) 800 watt Lowel Pro-light Focusing Flood Light 250 watt With barn door kit
Lowel Omni-Light 500 Watt Focus Flood Light (120-240VAC/12-30VDC) 500 watt
All the required power cords for 110 operation and misc parts this is a $2300.00 kit