LOWELL DAVIS Cat Figurine - "Barn Cats

LOWELL DAVIS Cat Figurine - "Barn Cats"

We have for your consideration an adorable Lowell Davis Cat Figurine in Mint Condition with tag called "Barn Cats" . The catalog number for this beautiful piece is 225-257. Its original price was marked in the official Price Guide at $39 i n 1984 but had risen to $65 by the 1992 listings. It is made by Border Fine Arts , Schmid. It weighs 4.0 oz and measures 4.5 x 3" at the base and is just over 2.75" high. A must for any Lowell Davis collection and any cat lovers.

Lowell Davis was born during the summer of 1937, in a small town in southwestern Missouri, called Red Oak. His family was poor but as Lowell states "We were all poor, but we didn't know it". He learned to whittle as a child and transferred his talent to porcelain after a stint in the Air Force. He initially thought that no one would want his simple farmyard figurines. He couldn't have been more wrong as patrons clamored for his simple, detailed and often humorous animals. He is still on his rustic Missouri farm surrounded by his beloved animals that he so loves to sculpt and paint . He tells us he gives his collectors a "gander at the good ol' fashioned , down home country life".

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