I HAVE LOWERED THE ASKING PRICE. This is from an estate. The only thing missing from this set are the wires for the lock-on. Everything else is present as pictured. THIS UNIT HAS NEVER SEEN A RAIL OR DISPLAYED and is "SOLD AS IS" . "LOOK AT ALL OF THE PICS AS THEY ARE PART OF THE STORY". There is a small paint chip on the firemans side cab shown in the pics, there is also a distorted paint area on the enginers side above the ashpan that is also shown in the pics ( may have been touched up at the factory? ). There are other minute paint issues that are shown in the pics! The tender wiring seems to be flaking off insulation, There is a factory mold dent on one side in the rear panel that I hear is normal, but is otherwise flawless. Both pieces are beautiful and the lettering is bold and crisp other than the paint damage mentioned due to sitting in a hot/cold attic for sixty some odd years of storage. The "VERY RARE" master BOX has some wear and tear shown in the pics. and it looks like someone has made poke marks on one side of the box but they do not go all of the way through the box as shown in the pics. The tender box is intact but the end flaps are starting to show sings of wear on the inside folds. The Bill board sheet has damage to one edge of the paper border. I am an LCCA member in good standing since 1988 RM# 11560 and a TCA ... read more