LP Supot TAKRUT Yantra AGAINST Guns Weapons Thai Amulet

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Model : Takrut Tone - B.E. 2551 ..

Original from Luang Phor Supot, SriSongThum Temple, Nakornsawan.
LP. Supot is the most famous monk in the northern part of Thailand, specially with soldier and policemen...At the Nakornsawam province, located the air force base....Many soldier are alway visit LP. Supot and let's him blessed them for against weapons. LP. Supot is very young Monk - the same generation with LP. AOD - Wat Saimai.
Material : Lead .
This amulet is made from special smelting Lead...This metal is highly valuable for making supernatural amulet....all of the metal sheet incribed yantra stop the gun.. .And has some fragrance of JungJing herb...JungJing Herb...is a special ingredient - only LP. Supot can blessed this holy herb....The JungJing herb is the Thai ancient recipe...can stop bleeding.
Size : 1.3 X 8.5 cm
The Takrut is made according to the secret art of war text scrolls dated back hundred years ago and was used by army chief commanders to protect against all
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