LPS Camping Play Set With Lots Of Extras

In this wonderful play set you will find many fun things to do. It also comes with a lot of accessories! It comes with everything you see in the pictures. It comes with 2 cute birds. 1 yellow & 1 blue with pink feathers on it's head. They can both fit on the bird stand. It also comes with a walkable chipmunk. There is a small little button on the back of it's head. Push it and it will start walking all on it's own. Push it again and it will stop. And the fourth animal is a special edition elephant. The chipmunk comes with the little safari hat that fits him just perfectly. The elephant comes with a cute little yellow crown. Just slide the clear bands around it's ears and the crown fits! The blue bird with pink feathers on the too of it's head also comes with a crown. It is very easy to put on. And the yellow bird can share the bird stand with the other blue bird. And here is what the accessories are: it comes with a cute tent & a campfire with marshmallows. And a little purple fence. And it also comes with a cute little pink table with an orange umbrella that fits on the table. On the pink table there is a little hole were you can put the umbrella in & out whenever you want. It also comes with 3 little seats for the pets to sit on. One orange, green & light green. And it also has a little tea set. It comes with a ... read more