Up for auction is this vintage Channel Master 6 band 24 time zone solid state radio from Japan. This is another radio that my long time friend had given to me. He told me that this was a very nice portable radio that did work and as you can see from the pictures is in overall excellent condition. This radio would probably grade in around a 8.5 to a 9.This radio seems to have all the bells and whistles,even a tuning meter which works. I did pick up Sydney the other night.This radio is model number 6247 made in Japan.I do not know the actual date of manufacture but I would guess in the early to mid sixties,I really don't know. For all of you radio fans out t I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking ,since I am not a radio knowledgable person,however please email me with any comments or information on this radio.Thank you for looking at my auction/s.PS This radio with packaging will weigh in at about 15 pounds. The case unopened is about 13 1/2'' tall and about 11 1/2'' across its front & about 5'' deep,when opened this radsio is about 16 1/2'' tall.