LQQK Original WW2 USMC TBX radio accessory backpack WOW

uUp Up for your consideration is a Once in a lifetime chance to own some rare original pieces of Marine combat gear that was used in a war that truly encompassed the world and tested the mettle of all who fought in it.

Original WW2 Combat issued TBX radio accessory backpack with ultra rare radio parts in jungle sealed cartons

12 moisture proofed taped , labeled cartons contain over 51 various resistors,capacitors,multipliers,coils and insulators that every combat unit needed to survive in war.All inside the original combat packpack!

This is an original WWII backback bag for the USMC TBX radio.

If you collect WWII Marine Corps items, I hope you have done your homework into their radio gear. Beware the myths and over-simplifications out t Collecting seems to have a lot of guessers in it. The Marines used and reused the TBX set throughout the war. And just remember that ALL radio gear in the field has problems...including the stuff in the field today. The Raiders used the TBX on the Long Patrol on Guadalcanal and the radio operator told me that it was a sturdy, reliable set. "When it got fouled with dirty or mold, we would put the lid on it and dunk it in the water to clean it off. And at night we would put the long antenna in the ground and listen to a radio station out of San Francisco ." They were
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