Lrg 16" Limoges Porcelain Jardiniere Titania & Bottom Flowers Signed Antique vtg

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Limoges Jardiniere

Recent estate find. Measures approximately 16” wide and 10-1/2” tall. Weighs nearly 10 pounds.

One side of the pot has a wonderfully detailed floral painting, and the other side has what I believe to be Titania and Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I could be wrong).

The side with the donkey guy and fairies is artist signed on the lower right – K. D. 1898. Because of the other items that I have from this artist, I am able to tell you that her full name is Kate Darnell.

This jardiniere does not have a Limoges mark. The mark is probably hidden under the paint, but it is definitively a Limoges D & Co jardiniere (Delinieres Factory). It is well referenced as such, and I am sure all of you Limoges buyers recognized it.

If you look closely at the larger gold decorations on each side, you will see a depiction of what looks to be a phoenix bird.

This pot for the most part is in great condition, however, it is a rather large item that is over 100 years old, so it has clearly picked up a good deal of wear that I want to bring to your attention.

I knew right away that the condition issues with this item would be difficult to accurately describe, so that is why I have decided to

The lower inside area of the jardiniere has an approximate 4” hairline. The line is discolored enough that you can somewhat easily see it, and it is not all that straight. It’s difficult to tell, but I don’t think I can feel it with my fingernail. This line does not go all the way through. It’s still a somewhat faint line. It’s the very essence of the term hairline, because I thought it was a hair when I first saw it.

The lower exterior of the jardiniere – same area, same side, but on the outside – has an approximate 3/16” spot of paint loss to the green surface (white showing). Directly around this spot, there is crackling to the surface that is most easily seen with a light glare. The crackling is most prominent around the white spot itself, and it begins to fade as it continues out. The crackling seems to affect maybe an area of up to 4”. There are no other soft spots or dangerous areas of potential loss with this crackling, however, too much rubbing on the white spot itself would likely cause more loss.

The foot near this white spot, which seems to be just about directly opposite of the hairline inside the pot, has a fine and truly faint line coming off its edge. The line comes off the foot about 2”, and I think it rides around the foot about 1-1/2”. This line seems to affect the surface only, and though it may have happened at the same time, this line does not correlate with the hairline inside (they are not the same line). The two lines do not go in the same direction, nor do they line up.

My guess is that this foot received a bump of some sort that caused both lines and the crackling.

This planter was definitely used. The lower portion of the inside has light scratching throughout (most easily seen with light glare). The lower area of inside also has a good deal of darkening and discoloration, most of which is presumably permanent. There is a prominent area of darkening that is just about dead center (measures approximately 1” long, feels dull to the touch). Several of the other spots of discoloration are dull or rough to the touch.

All of the gold has a good deal of light scratching, dullness and discoloration. There is more evident or noticeable scratching along the inside edge. The very top edge is worn and dulled with minor loss, and most of this top edge – the surface looks rather irritated under the gold.

The handles have a somewhat sporadic amount of gold loss to the edges and raised areas. It’s not a major amount of gold loss, but...

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