LSDJ Gameboy Cartridge

LSDJ, Little Sound Disk Jockey, is ahomebrewed cartridge for theNintendo Game Boy, programmed by Johan Kotlinski (known to the chiptune world as Role Model), that enables the user to sequence and program music on a Game Boy. The LSDJ is primarily used by chiptune artists. However, it is also popular with many other musicians for writing songs featuring gameboy sounds." - /wiki/Little_Sound_DJ
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These cartridges were designed, manufactured and tested personally by the Seller, Jose Torres. They were built for the members of with the expressed permission of the author of Little Sound DJ, Johan Kotlinski of . The LSDJ sticker is free with purchase and the cartridge have been approved and authorized for sale. This cartridge is specifically built for LSDJ. This is NOT a backup device for commercial games.

These work in the original Gameboy DMG, Color, Pocket, Advance and SP.

The circuit board is red with “I <3 Gameboy” printed on it.
A $5 refund will be given upon receipt of proof of donation to Johan Kotlinski at .
Many different color combinations are available for case and stickers.
Protective Cartridge Cases:
Clear Red Green Yellow Purple LSDJ Stickers:
Please indicate color preferences at time of payment otherwise random case and sticker colors will
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