LSU WIN! BAR (Replica)

This replica is made out of 3" PVC Pipe. It is 30" long and fits great over any standard doorway or on any wall. The sticker is heavy duty 3M vinyl. This will make a great addition to any LSU themed room or office, and is a must have for any serious LSU fan.

History of the Crossbar

Unknown to many Tiger fans, the LSU football team still runs onto the field under the same crossbar that stood as part of the north end zone goalpost in Tiger Stadium as early as 1955. It had long been a tradition that the LSU football team enter the field by running under the goalpost when the new "T-style" goalposts came into vogue. By virtue of tradition, the old "Hstyle" posts stood on the field of Death Valley until they were finally removed in 1984. Part of the crossbar, however, was kept and mounted above the door of the Tiger Den through which the Tigers run onto the field each game. In 1993, in celebration of the centennial of LSU football, the "H-style" goalposts were returned to the end zones of Tiger Stadium, thanks to a donation from Shaw Industries of Baton Rouge.