LUCERO Alt Country Rock Concert mini Posters SET

This LUCERO set includes the following (with approximate sizes in inches):

Young Ave Deli Christmas Party - 7.5 x 10.5

Young Ave Deli Halloween - 5.5 x 8

Tokyo Joes - 4 x 7

These were carefully removed out of a bunch of expensive coffee-table poster art books to give you JUST THE BANDS YOU WANT.

VERY COOL. Perfect for framing, laminating, bulletin boards, collages, scrapbooks, or shoeboxes.


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Frequently Asked Questions :

Aren't these just pictures that you cut out of books?

Yes, but these are not just ordinary books. The paper is super high quality, good thick stock with stunning color and finish. When these pieces are removed from the books and nicely trimmed they take on a whole new visual appeal. And when they are combined into sets, they make a very unique presentation.

Couldn't I just cut these out of the books myself?

Sure. But most of these books will cost $30 - $40 (or more). Also some of these sets combine pieces from multiple sources so you would have to buy 2 or 3 different books. And also, if you have the book, would you really want to ruin a perfectly nice copy by slicing pages out of it?

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