Lucid 8824 A/D D/A Converter

Incredible AD/DA converter. Light Pipe (ADAT) out. Used in a video Post environment. Clean and smoke free! Rewiring our systems for Thunderbolt, SAS, and Dante systems. Letting it go cheap.
SAM ASH ($1699) says"

Lucid ADA8824 (ADAT) 24-bit A/D-D/A Converter
Get the performance you need for leading-edge music production and post-production with an audio interface that provides an immaculate connection between your digital and analog gear. The ADA8824 for ADAT-optical lightpipe gear transfers eight channels of I/O simultaneously with 24-bit resolution. And digitally controlled attenuation of analog inputs and outputs with high-resolution LED metering help you realize your maximum dynamic range.

Geared to your needs.
Using the ADA8824, you can turn your computer into a full-blown professional recording workstation, regardless of which console or recorder you use. The ADA8824 integrates seamlessly with all your ADAT lightpipe-equipped digital audio gear, including mixers, recorders, and computer interface cards, such as the Alesis ADAT-PCR. Using this fiber-optic connection, you can transfer multiple channels of data more easily and cleanly than ever before.

ADA8824 Capabilities.
Multiple channels for maximum flexibility. The ADA8824 provides eight channels of 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion, eight channels
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