Early 20th Century Mechanical Bank
Tin lithograph bank and register. By Shonk Works - American Can Co. Inc., Maywood, Illinois.
Patented Nov. 11, 1913 and June 13, 1916.
Decorated in red, gold and green design featuring lucky horseshoes and four leaf clovers.
Red decorations alsoâe"prior to Nazi Germanyâe"considered symbols of good luck.
To left of front lever, reads, "Deposit and register onecoin at a time. Door on bottom will open automatically when $10.00 havebeen registered."
To right reads, "Bell rings once for a Nickel, twice for a Dime, five times for a Quarter."
On back reads , "DIRECTIONS - If coin slot is partly closed, push lever all the way down, then carry it back as far as it will go. This opens the coin chute. Deposit one coin at a time and pull lever down..." At bottom, "MANUFACTURED BY SHONK WORKS - AMERICAN CAN CO., MAYWOOD, ILL. and Patented Nov. 11, 1913 & June 13, 1916."
Good, old condition. Functions. (Registered $.05 when nickel was deposited; bell rang once, as indicated, and register added five cents.)
Some rust present, and some missing spots to decoration.
More CLOSE-UP PHOTOS on request.
Door on bottom looks like it may have been forced open. Bank had registered $6.75 though empty . Now shows $6.80 from deposited
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