Ludwig Cowbell 1973 Silver 7" w/ clamp Honky Tonk Women

is the second of two Ludwig cowbells I have to offer at auction this month. This one, is from 1973 and I know this because I purchased it at the Professional Drum Shop on Vine St. in Hollywood of August of that year along with my 5 piece Butcher Block finish Ludwig kit, which I still have at my parent's house in Encino, CA. The cowbell has the Ludwig logo embossed on the clasp that holds the cowbell to the rim of your kick drum. The cowbell is silver and does have quite a bit of masking tape on it, that I put on at the advice of my drum teacher at the time, Bill James (more on Bill in a moment) to muffle the sound and get that "Honky Tonk Women" sound I was looking for, along with "You Can't Do That" by the Beatles from the "Hard Day's Night" LP of '64. This cowbell is in very good shape and I have not attempted to remove tape. You can do that using special cleaning fluid if you wish, but I wanted to offer this piece as "vintage" as possible!! Drumming was such major part of my childhood and I so fondly remember getting my very first drum kit, a rented red sparkle Astro brand Japanese 4 pc set that I would rush home from school each day to play along to Beatles and Monkees records in the '60s in my bedroom on Morrison St. in Encino. My second set was a gold sparkle finish Crown (also a Japanese kit made by Rogers) and I set up the ... read more