Luger Mod. 08 Measured Drawings, Blueprints, 45 pages!!

This is an amazing military history resource and an invaluable reference tool for the gunsmith! This package contains large format 11 x 17 photocopies of official blueprints for the legendary Luger Mod. 08 pistol, one of the most influential weapons of all time. These are NOT just dimensioned drawings of the pistol's receiver. These are 45 pages of detailed blueprints for every part in the gun, including the receiver, hammer, trigger, grips, barrel, pins, springs, etc. Also included are copies of complete original U.S. patent documents for the pistol. There is introductory information in English and a translation of the German introduction, but the original German and metric measurements have been retained for the measured drawings. Of course, the American patent documents are in English. Check out the photos, which are representative of only a portion of sample pages. These drawings are a treasure trove for the historian or collector. Of interest to gunsmiths, the drawings are fully dimensioned with details and multiple views.

NOTE TO EBAY: This listing conforms to all eBay rules. This is not a gun. These are only copies of historic documents. There are no gun parts for sale here.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in these pages is provided solely for entertainment, education and historical interest. The publisher
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