Luke Skywalker ESB and Mace Windu 1st Gen Lightsabers

Hi Everyone. You are bidding on 2 used Master Replica Lightsabers. They are both in perfect working order. These lightsabers are part of the first wave that were available to the public. The Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back model is very rare and very sought afer. I checked everyw for this saber and could not find any so this auction is more for the Luke saber with the Mace saber being a bonus. Mace Windu's is from AOTC. Both of these sabers require 6 AA batteries unlike the newer version sabers. T is no box or certificate for these but they will be shipped with care and bubble wrapped for safety. I will start the auction at a price that I am satisfied with. Please feel free to email me with any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
Hi again! I just posted more photos due to a number of requests to do so. So you can see they both work well and I included other views of the hilt. Good Luck!