This is a Star Wars, Luke Skywalker FX collectible lightsaber. This is not a toy. It is a collectible or an adult toy as my wife calls it. These are rare and hard to find. Never seen one in store. I love these. They light up, power down, clash when hit and glow just like the ones in the movie. Luke Skywalker is the hardest to find and most popular one out there. It is in like new condition. No scratches, missing pieces or any problems with the blade lighting up. No discolorization or any problems with the sound effects. Comes with lightsaber, original box and all papers that originally came with it. On the box it says Luke Skywalker force FX lightsaber collectible. On the end of the lightsaber it says 2007 Lucasfilm LTD. and 2007 Master Replicas Inc. I hate to sell. This is my nicest and most valuable lightsaber. I also have a Darth Vader and Kylo Ren sabers as well. Only selling because I could use the money and I do plan on replacing it down the road in a year or two. Any questions please let me know.