Lumenier GetFPV TMOTOR FM4008 620kv for QAV500 Discovery DJI 450

Our school club has been building a few 450's and TBS discos, but we've moved to smaller quads. These are perfect for 400-600mm quads and the QAV500/TBS disco. Work great on 3-4s, 10-13" props
These motors were discontinued a while back, but still are great motors. Have about 7-8 short flights on them, they are like new, no crashes. Wires are still long and should fit your build easily.
These were manufactured by TMotor upon Lumenier's request for lighter motors for the QAV500 quad (they are great for quads around 400-600mm) These motors are more efficient and weigh less than some of the newer tmotors. They are a little less durable, but so long as you treat them well, they will last a while.
Current equivalents retail for $199-$350. At this price these are a steal!
Full Disclosure: in some cases people report the set screw coming loose, you can tighten it with blue threadlock, or just install a shorter shaft and a bolt on prop adapter instead. I've never had this issue.
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