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I have been methodically / psychotically collecting punk / indie / and metal vinyl for over fifteen years and I finally have come to a point where I need to pare down this overwhelming amount of vinyl due to space and money. So, you the ebay patrons of the world are the beneficiaries of my life long pursuit of wonderful, wonderful vinyl. With the demise of the CD and the rise of digital downloads it's nice to see vinyl once again become the premiere music fans format. , I am a record dork and will refund record cost plus shipping if not satisfied with the record!! I ship worldwide except South America (sorry guys). All vinyl ships in a polyvinyl sleeve!
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Lungfish - Necrophones LP
The amazing and hypnotic music of Lungfish has been some of my favorite over the last twenty years. Weaving tertiary and terse webs of guitar circuitry and enigmatic song repetition the band has really set the stage for much of the mathrock and dark indie rock that is so prevalent today. LP
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