Lupita Najaco Ceramic Doll/Figurine Mexican Folk Art "Tortilla Maker" Lilac

"Lupita" Najaco Ceramic Tortilla Maker Doll Lilac
The figurine is 9" tall6 3/4" wide (at the base).She is 3 1/2" (Shoulder to shoulder).
Wood platform 9" x 6 3/4"
There are calla lilies hand painted on her skirt.This Lupita is making tortillas.There is also a metateor metlatl (or mealing stone) a ground stone tool used for processing grain and seeds. In traditional pre Hispanic culture,metateswere typically used by women who would grind lime-treated maize and other organic materials during food preparation.
This doll has two braids with lovely flowers in her hair.This ceramic doll is made by the Arana family in Tonala, Mexico.
The Lupitais hand painted by Mexican artisans, each detail is hand painted and each doll is initialed or signed by the artisan.
Lupita is a typical name in Mexico, thus the name Lupita was given to each figurine.
Najaco dolls were created in Tonalá, Jalisco in 1992, at the beginning, the family was looking for a way to depict Mexican people's daily chores (especially women) while in their typical outfits.
Each figurine shows a doll either going to cut nopales/cacti, a seller of apples, vegetables, flowers, birds, the shepherd or the traditional pulquero etc, thus showing the every day life in a Mexican town.
In short, typical women or men doing their chores from the past
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