Very Lusterous 1925-S Peace Silver Dollar 1925S UNC!!!

Very nice 1925-S Peace Silver Dollar in uncirculated condition, in my opinion. Grade by the high resolution, digital photo images provided, as grading is entirely subjective. Getting hard to find in high circulated as well as mint state grades, a hard to find, low mintage, key date 1925S Peace silver dollar.

Peace and Morgan dollars in all dates and grades are skyrocketing in price as more new coin collectors enter the market due to the Presidential Dollars coin series, as well as the latest "silver melt" of all lower grade silver dollars due to the latest silver and gold price jumps. All grades, from circulated to MS, the 1921 and 1928 key dates, 1927-S, 1934-S and 1935-S semi keys, as well as all better date/grade commons, will start getting scarcer as more coins hit the "melting pots".

These are high resolution, digital camera photographs of the actual coin you will receive , and have not been altered in any way to make it appear in better condition than it is. If anything, the actual coin looks far better "in hand" than it does in the photos.

I make no attempts at assigning a specific numerical grade to any coin, since g rading uncirculated or mint state coins is very subjective, and what may be a VF coin to one is an AU to someone else. The only grade I would give is a PCGS or NGC certified, slabbed
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