Luther Daniels Bradley: Our Indians: chromolithographs

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This auction is for a copy of a super rare children book entitled Our Indians: A midnight visit to the great somewhere-or-other by� Luther Daniels Bradley, published in 1899 by Dutton books. My copy contain 15 full page and 4 double page� chromolithographs illustration inside. This book is in terrible shape, the only reason why other than� monetary� value is that I hate to throw away such a rare book that was superbly done by an author/illustrator who really care what great children book are all about. There are only one additional copy online currently for sale at they are asking for $900 for this book. I am only looking for that children illustrator collector who value such high� quality� children book to bid on and save it in his/her collection so that this particular book won't go� extinct.� If you have any questions, please let me know before you bid on this book. Here's a link to abebooks� featuring this particular book� where Aleph-Bet Bookstore discuss a bit about this particular book.� /books/RareBooks/childrens-books.shtml
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