Lynx Creek AZ Gold Paydirt, Bag #8/10, Lot Bonus 1 GM, Nuggets,Flakes,Fines

Lynx Creek, AZ

Grampa's Gold Paydirt

Lynx Creek, AZ Gold Panning Paydirt 3 Pounds*, Nuggets, Pickers, Flakes, Fines, Silver, Garnets

One(1) bags out of the 10 in this lot will contain the

BONUS GOLD of One(1) GRAM per bonus bag (only 1 of 10 bags within this lot contain this bonus gold and will be seperated from paydirt when shipped)


Please read this auction listing carefully!
The auction on this lot has been spread out over 10 listings(Bags 1-10) to run concurrently in appx. 2-3 minute intervals. Please bid accordingly.
This listing is for BAG #8 of 10 , Lot 10 that is being auctioned.

Grampa’s Got GOLD ! And you WILL too… Guaranteed!
Grampa’s getting much too old to be gold hunting so his grandchildren have become gold-diggers.
This paydirt comes from Grampa’s property located along Lynx Creek in the Prescott National Forest within the Bradshaw Mountain Range. This particular paydirt comes from an area where the creek used to run continuously before the forces of nature moved it 27 feet further east. Heavy rain or snow runoffs will flow through this part of the property but it has normally run dry for the past 20 years. The dirt we are processing is high in minerals
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