This is a set of 8 Hummel Gold Christmas Ornaments.They each measure approx. 3".The red boxed ornaments are in boxes marked, "The Hummel Gold Christmas Ornament Collection",and each have a little booklet telling about the ornaments picture.The green boxed ornaments are in boxes marked ,M.I.Hummel Gold Christmas Ornaments "Little Grown-Ups",and they too have the little booklets telling about the ornaments picture.They each have a 24kt gold gleaming filigree circlet that surrounds the picture.The red boxed set includes "NOT FOR YOU","APPLE TREE BOY","THE LITTLE GOAT HERDER","SPRING BASKET","TELLING HER SECRET",AND "APPLE TREE GIRL".They are in beautiful shape in the boxes except for "TELLING HER SECRET"and "APPLE TREE GIRL"have the edges pulled up.(That's why I'm not asking mint condition cost).The green boxed set is in good condition.They will all come together in nice big HUMMEL box for storing.(If you want to box them up, since they are so neat to look at!)