M.I. HUMMEL To Market 49 3/0, TMK 2 (full bee), NR!

"To Market" by M.I. Hummel Cute little boy and girl with a basket! A great gift or collector's piece! Has been packed up safely in a box in the attic for years. Will package safely for shipment, shipping insurance included in handling costs. Trademark (TMK): 2 (full bee) Markings: 49 3/0, 71 Measurements: 4.25" Condition: Excellent Imperfections: no cracks or chips, just dusty (did not self-clean it to preserve coloration and prevent damage) List Price: $199 Please view my other Hummel figurines up for bid. Always willing to combine on shipping! All of my items come from a Smoke-Free home! Happy Holidays!