M&M's Character Watch - 1994 - New, In Case

M&M's Character Watch from 1994 - New, In Case

This watch is an item that I picked up when I worked for M&M/Mars at their National Office in Hackettstown, NJ. It is brand new - still in it's original plastic case and cardboard cover sleeve. It was sitting in a storage unit for the past 11 years in a box full of stuff from before my divorce (it happens to the best of us!).

Anyway, the back of the watch has the words, "Plastic Case * Stainless Steel Back * C Mars, Inc., 1994" engraved on the back as well as one of the older M&M's characters along with a large "1994".

The front of the watch face is mostly yellow with a bit of brown at the bottom; the "M&M's" logo is in brown; the hands are black, but the 'second hand' is actually a red "M&M's" character riding a skateboard.

I have NEVER personally taken this watch out of its plastic case. And as I'm not an expert in M&M's memorabilia (although I DID work for M&M/Mars for almost 9 years) I have to state that this item is being sold "as is". So please check out the photo carefully before bidding.

Thanks, and please check out my other auctions!

P.S. - If this item is not sold, I will be donating it to a local charity for the full retail value- I don't believe in re-listing.