M.W. Seguine Knife Juneau, Alaska

I am putting up for auction a hand made knife that was created by Merle W. Seguine of Juneau, Alaska.

I believe it is called a "skinner" and is custom made. Serious collectors will know the correct term for

the knife by looking at the photographs. The blade is 5-1/8 inches long and I believe it is hollow ground

as are other creations by this artist. T is a stamp on one side of the blade that says M.W.

SEGUINE JUNEAU , ALASKA. The handle is made of bone or antler. Overall length of the knife is

10-1/8 inches long. I do not believe it was ever used. It was kept in a small cardboard box stored in a

draw of a small bar in my father's cellar family room. Whenever he had visitors he would take it out and

show his knife from Alaska. I believe he acquired it from his brother who lived in Juneau from the early

60's till his death. In searching for information about the maker I read somew that he had passed

away in 1978. The knife is in almost new condition. I did however, observe a 3/4 inch split in the bone

on the handle as I was photographing it to post on e- bay. Everything is tight and the split appears to

be superficial. I do not know if it is from the bone or antler handle drying out or if it was in the making of

the piece. I have included a photograph
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