M1 Carbine Measured Drawings, Blueprints, 22 pages!!

This is an amazing military history resource and an invaluable reference tool for the gunsmith! This package contains large format 11 x 17 photocopies of official blueprints for the legendary U.S. Government M1 Carbine. These are NOT just dimensioned drawings of the receiver. These are 22 pages of detailed blueprints for most of the parts in the gun, including the receiver, trigger housing, adjustable rear sight, front sight, gas piston, gas cylinder, operating slide, hammer, barrel band, firing pin, extractor, ejector, the bolt assembly and more. The blueprints bear markings from the Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island , Ill. Check out the photos, which are representative of only a small portion of selected pages. (Note: the dial calipers and part shown are only for illustration and scale; they are not included in this auction.) These drawings are a treasure trove for the historian or collector. All the drawings are not only dimensioned with tolerance specifications, but t are the original mil-spec instructions for metal content, heat treating and finishing. T is also an exploded assembly illustration and parts diagram, plus some interesting historical notes about this historic rifle. Blueprints are shipped unfolded, carefully rolled in a heavy duty cardboard mailing tube to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

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