M1 Carbine Vehicle Scabbard Marked US S. Froelich 1943

This is a World War II 1943 S. Froelich M1 Carbine Leather Vehicle Scabbard. It is in great condition, please review the pictures carefully and if you need any additional let me know. This scabbard is made from thick bridle leather and has a steel parkerized slot for the M1 Carbine Operating handle to slid into when the rifle is inserted into the scabbard. The mouth of the scabbard was also designed large enough to hold the M1 when it had the standard 15 round magazine inserted into the rifle.

The leather was originally a light brown, but darked with use and oiling. The leather on this scabbard is still piliable and strong, no cracks or rot, all stiching and rivets in good shape. I think the bottom was designed to be originally stiched shut with a small hole so water would drain out but someone long ago undid the bottom stiching to make the drain hole bigger, it actually works well for the fit of the rifle and it did not hurt any of the other stiching. Missing from the scabbard are the the three straps and two metal snap hooks that were used for attaching the scabbard to a jeep, truck, motorcycle etc. The scabbard is manufacture marked at the top "U.S. S. Froelich 1943" (stamped three times). S. Froelich was one the earliest manufacture and one of only four manufactures for this type scabbard. The other three are Hotze, E.N.
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