M1 Garand, Op Rod, 6535382 BMB, Breda, Italian, Danish

Up for sale I have an operating rod for the U.S Rifle, cal .30, M1, also known as the M1 Garand.

It is marked as 6535382 BMB, and it was produced by Breda as a replacement part for US rifles lent to Denmark.

The grey finish is pretty dark and fairly uniform at about 90% over the areas visible once installed. T is a small spot that is on the "hump" that is a lighter green color - not sure what would cause this.

The piston end looks good as well. I'm afraid I don't have a gauge. See the pics for further detail.


Winning bidder to pay $7.95 insured shipping. I want to make certain you get what you pay for!

If you have any questions regarding this early Garand operating rod, please contact me.

If something doesn't work as it should, send it back to me for a refund of your purchase price.

I have other M1 Garand related items currently up for sale. Please check my other auctions.

I prefer PayPal, but will accept Cashier's Checks and Money Orders.

This listing complies with eBay policies. This listing is for PARTS, not a complete rifle, nor a receiver.

Per current eBay policy, I will ship only to US addresses.

*Information regarding parts taken from "The M1 Garand 1936 - 1957" by Joe Poyer & Craig Reisch, Northcape Publications,
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