M2 50 cal Wrench / Tool - NOS USGI

M2 .50 cal MG Wrench / Tool NOS in USGI Package

ORD 7160920


Look at the pictures provided, this is a sample of the item you will receive.

Any other pictures associated with this auction are for reference and do not imply you are getting a jeep with the item described. Yes there are real stupid people out there that think like this.

Postage / Shipping - I have no desire to "make money" off of shipping. Shipping costs do add to the price of your item. I try to fit the items in the smallest flat rate box or envelope they will fit in. I hate paying for shipping just like you do, but it just is, what it is. I will ship some items first class mail. Overseas will always be USPS Flatrate boxes with some form of tracking for your sake and mine.

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