M42-STEINHEIL Auto Cassaron 50mm F2,8 Zebra prime lens-TEST SHOOTING

I am selling a large lot of top German made lenses-have a look at my auctions to see them all. These fantastic lenses can be adapted to most modern digital cameras(Canon Eos,Micro4/3,Sony Nex etc.--do your research to find out if it can be adapted to your camera)
This is a German made Steinheil Auto Cassaron 50mm F2,8 M42 screw mount lens.
The lens is in used but overall ok condition--with normal traces of use on its body. Have a good look at the pictures and judge for yourself its condition.
The lens is of corse in good working order Focussing is working Aperture is working ok. Glass is in nice condition--no fungus,haze or such problems(as on most vintage lenses a few specs of dust inside or very faint traces of use on glass(impossible to show in pictures) are possible--but nothing to worry about)
Since spring seems to have finally arrived --it was a pleasure to take this lens out for a test shooting on my Panasonic G1 Micro4/3 camera. I have to say that i was amazed by the lens--it exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Beautiful color rendition ,sharp but most importantly with such beautiful bokeh. But just check the test pictures--they can show what this lens is capable of -better than my words. The camera and adapter are not included in this sale.
Selling vintage lenses is always tricky--what
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