M82 M-82 Scope, M1C M1D 1903A4 Garand Sniper Scope

is an M82 Scope for the M1C / M1D and 1903A4 Sniper rifles. The scope serial number is 35595 which was one of the early ones produced by the Lyman Corp. Lyman produced approximately 11,000 M82 scopes. This M82 scope was one of the first 1600 to be produced by Lyman during WWII. The scope has a single post reticle and the optics are crystal clear.

The scope has the following numbered components: Eyepiece is numbered 7634670, Both adjustment blocks are numbered 7634671, Both adjustment caps are numbered 7575180, The scope tube is numbered C7674029, The sliding sun shade is numbered 7640805 and the USGI rubber eyecup is numbered 7575053 on the inside (see photo).

The finish is in very good condition and would easily rate a 90% to 95%. The only place that the finish is worn is on the end of the sliding sun shade and on one of the adjustment caps. T are also a few nicks/scratches on the sunshade. Please note that one adjustment cap has 95% of the finish and the other adjustment cap has very little finish remaining. T are a couple of scratches in the eyepiece lense near the outside. They do not interfer with the field of view nor do they detract from the scope, I just wanted to make sure that I mentioned that they are t

M82 scopes are getting EXTREMELY hard to find in any condition and this is one of the nicest that
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