MA WEDDING GOWN/VEIL/UNDIES- Alexanderkins- 8" dolls - VINTAGE

PUT ON SALE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goes to the doll show if it doesn't sell in this auction. A Truly Beautifully Made Wedding Ensemble created by Madame Alexander in the 1950s-60s for the 8" Alexanderkin Doll/Alex/Wendy! There is a Satin Gown with a full circle skirt and delicat Lace shoulder details and waist eyelet closure with ribbon; The Veil is long with a Lace Cap and tiny Metal Flowers on each side with an elastic chin strap; and there is a pair of taffeta undies with a fine lace leg trim-not sure these came original-but they came with this set so I left them together. Ginny is holding it up to show how beautiful it really is

LOTS OF HATS for Vintage Ginny and other small dolls - and for larger ones later in the week. ALSO, Several sets of REPAIRED/or NEED REPAIR/FRAGILE Center Snap Shoes for Ginny and other vintage small to large dolls are up for auction this week -NOT PERFECT-SOME QUITE FRAGILE, but useable AS IS.T

If you purchase more than one item of similar nature, I will be glad to adjust shipping. If the Buy It Now feature does not let you request an invoice, let me know when you are done purchasing so I can group the items. If it will let you ask for an invoice-let me know that you are interested in multiple items and I will combine on one invoice when you are finished.

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